What Wii U Needs in 2013

Posted December 21, 2012 by alfssk in Articles

The new year is just around the corner and with the Christmas season coming to an end, it can be projected that things will cool down for all retail. 2013 will be ushered in and millions of Wii U consoles will be in the living rooms of Americans around the country. Selling a console is a big first step, but Nintendo needs more than that to be successful and to justify the consumer’s purchase. These actions will keep the Wii U momentum going, bring Nintendo back to profitability and show that the gaming market is still running strong.


It’s all about the games! Nintendo learned from the miserbale failuer that was the 3DS launch. the 3DS, as we remember, was released to absolutely nothing. There was a handful of so so games but nothing that justified its purchase or its price tag. The system has recovered with a price drop and with Mario coming to the rescue. Games have hit the shelves for the console and sales have improved accordingly. The Wii U had a much better launch line up, but it needs to keep it going and hit the market  with games. Nintendo has a history of having a blockbuster hit each year, but then tapering off for months and months at a time. Don’t let that happen again. There is no reason not to see some Metroid, Luigi’s Mansion, Star Fox, Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, Kid Icarus… all announced within the first year of the system’s release. I’m not saying those should all come out at once, but they should all be in development along with the other software so that there is a consistent flow of quality games in the market from Nintendo, instead of waiting years to see a game and then waiting years more. And with the console’s HD graphics and centralized online play, the games should keep on coming from the third party developers to give variation and software that everyone can enjoy.


Downloadable content, as much as people may get on it, is a great selling point for many games. Once we’ve played the 5 actually decent maps on SSBM, the game quickly becomes old. Keep the games fresh with updated content. Smash Brothers is the perfect example of what can be done. Downloadable characters, maps, items, music, missions, perks… This will give the shelf life of the games much more length and of course be a way for companies to see that online works for Nintendo and that they can be profitable.


Finally, the Gamepad needs to actually be utilized. The selling point behind the console isnt’s its sleek design or the standard controller, and it certainly isn’t the continued use of the Wii-mote… It is the Gamepad. Some DS and most Wii games were gimmicks, if they can even be called that. Most of them were just trashy mini games. Nintendo and developers should utilize the technology in appropriate and fresh ways to show the consumer that the purchase was worth it.


Following these 3 steps will keep the Wii U and Nintendo successful for the 2013 year and beyond.

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