Wii U Online
Miiverse to be Censored

Wii U Virtual Console, OS Upgrades Announced

Nintendo has finally announced a release window for the Wii U’s virtual console. Around April, the Wii U will get the virtual console. While it will not offer all of the Wii’s library right from the start, it will o...


Nintendo Network ID Stuck on Wii U Consoles

Nintendo has stated that for now, Nintendo Network user account can only be used on the originating console. On Nintendo’s support site, a post was published, in which they revealed that there is no current method of sign...


Nintendo Network Details

This update has been a long time coming, but Nintendo’s friend codes are finally going bye bye. These friend codes have long been the symbolic icon of Nintendo’s struggle in internet gaming. Friend codes have been c...


Wii U eShop First Look

We have finally gotten a look at the Wii U’s eShop. Right now there are still few available details for us to report, but for now enjoy.

Miiverse to be Censored

Chasing Aurora says Wii U online more open, social and indie-friendly

Things are continuing to look up for Nintendo and their upcoming Wii U console. I know one area that I have been concerned with is their online platform, known as the Nintendo Network. For years Nintendo has struggled to mainta...


Wii U Web Browser Details

The Nintendo Wii U’s internet browser will be a built in app that is shipped with the console on launch. According to Nintendo, the browser can be accessed through both the TV screen and the GamePad. The browser can also ...

should the wii u change its name

Should the Wii U Change Names?

When the Nintendo Wii was first unveiled, its code name was the “Nintendo Revolution.” Instantly many website users began filing for domain names that followed this name and the name actually brought on some good vi...


Worries about the Wii U Before Its Release

On almost every major announcement by Nintendo on regards to their upcoming Nintendo Wii U console, their investors have reacted, and negatively. Stock prices have tumbled each time Nintendo gave the public details regarding th...


Turtle Beach Headsets Confirmed for Wii U Launch

Things are looking to finally be coming together for Nintendo’s online initiative. In a move that hints at good things to come, Turtle Beach has announced, via Twitter, that they will have headsets available for the Wii U...


Nintendo Intends Free Online for Wii U and 3DS

Iwata’s vision for Nintendo’s online service is much grander than just free gameplay. His plans expand into Wii U and 3DS connectivity, the creation of the Nintendo Network, and finding a way to encourage users to p...