Madden 2013 Wii U

Madden 13 Wii U


madden 2013 wii u
  • Release Date: Quarter 4 2013
  • Rating: Rating Pending
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Category: Sports/ Football

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Summary: The latest installment in the popular Madden franchise is set to hit the Nintendo Wii U. Madden 2013 Wii U brings improved graphics and game play to the Nintendo consoles while offering up to date roster adjustments.  Featuring the Physics You Can Feel and the latest Infinity-Engine, game play now feels more real as the physics and momentum of the action on the field comes to life on the screen.


Wii U Exclusive Features: Madden 2013 Wii U allows for all new game play as it utilizes the Wii U tablet remote to allow for quick audibles, on field adjustments like never before and easier play selection. The redesigned passing system will utilize the Wii U’s tablet in all new ways.


Social Play: The Nintendo Wii brought consistent Nintendo gaming online for the first time. Without a centralized online network, the games that did utilize online play oftentimes were slow and online play was dominated by the competitors. The Nintendo Wii U will utilize Madden Social and allow for friends and gamers to competitively play against one another at anytime from anywhere.


Presentation: Madden 13 Wii U will bring the same quality football experience that has turned the franchise into an annual success that it has seen before. In addition to those features, the game will utilize a live ticker to give scores from around the league as they happen. Commentary will be improved to be more align with the actions on the field and to create the atmosphere as if a real game was being played. To enhance the experience, the AI teams will be improved to be more responsive than ever and to act more life like on the field to create a real NFL experience.





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