Madden 13 Wii U Review

Madden 13 Wii U Review



Madden 13 Wii U Review
  • Release Date: November 18th, 2012
  • Rating: E for Everyone
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Category: Sports/Football

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Summary: The NFL has become a passing league. With the attention of fans, broadcasters and management on QB’s that can throw and receivers that can impress, the league has transformed into a throwing first mindset. Madden 2013 for the Wii U takes all recent developments of NFL game play and incorporates it into the total experience for all fans.


With a new focus on passing and the Total Control Passing and Receiver Awareness, you are thrust into the world of all 32 professional teams in an effort to get those hard to get first downs, bring in those Hail Mary’s, and stop your opponent on 3rd and inches. Madden 2013 brings the NFL experience in its entirety to you on the Wii U.


Madden 2013 Wii U Exclusive Features:

In previous years, a play was selected and with the exception of an audible, your AI was meant to follow the hot route selected. The Wii U Gamepad controller allows for an enhancing experience never before offered on any Madden or console. Bu utilizing the GamePad touch screen, fans can make live adjustments to adjust to the defensive or offensive plays.


The Total Passing Control option includes selecting specific players and drawing their own unique hot routes that are custom made for any situation. If the defense makes a last second adjustment, you can simply tap a player on screen and fine tune his route in the effort of getting open down field.


The defense is not left out to dry though. At the line of scrimmage, gamers can also select players and adjust how they will handle the pending play. Linebackers can be adjusted to put more pressure on the QB or to change the zones they are covering.


Substitutions and play selection is also easier than ever before when utilizing the GamePad controller. All at touch of your fingertips, you can control the entire play calling and management of your team. Whether it is play calling or making small adjustments before the ball is snapped, EA Sports delivered in developing Madden 2013 for the Wii U.


The only downside of the Madden 13 Wii U experience is being the player who does not get to use the GamePad. The Gamepad offers up to the second play adjustments, the ability to make plays in secret and stunning visuals that are unmatched. Nintendo has thus far stated that GamePad controllers will not be sold individually and the console may not be able to support multiple controllers for all games. EA handled the Wii-Mote gameplay for the Wii U just as masterfully as they could. Whenever you have local multi-player matches though, be sure to call dibs on the GamePad to take advantage of full benefits of the Wii U and the work EA Sports put into utilizing the console’s features.



Madden 2013 Game Play:

Madden 2013 Wii U supports both single and local and internet multi-player. As the league has made advancements and moved towards a passing focus, the team at EA Sports has followed suit and made appropriate adjustments. Madden 13 is not just a roster update; it is a new NFL experience that offers the best of the NFL and the best of the Nintendo Wii U.


Madden 2013 Offense

Aside from the Wii U exclusive features already discussed, EA also brought other options that has drastically enhanced game play. The Receiver Awareness feature removes the button mashing option of just hoping the ball lands in a receiver’s hands. Now receiver icons are “ghosted” until they have ran down field to the appropriate length as determined by the play and is actually looking for the pass. Upon lighting up, the player is now more likely to catch the pass and the option of course adds a new degree of realism to game play.


The new Receiver Awareness system does not prevent a pass from being thrown to the receiver down field. If the icon is still “ghosted” the gamer takes manual control and must complete the play. It should be noted that a lit icon does not mean the player will catch the ball if thrown to him, but rather that he is simply looking for a pass and will attempt to make the play.


In addition to receiver options, Madden 13 Wii U has advanced QB play. By allowing for fine tuning adjustments on the Wii U, the QB now is truly the leader on the field. In addition to Wii U exclusive features, new dropbacks and animations give a heightened sense of realism and added benefits to the game play.


Dropbacks are now automatic and include pump fakes as to fake out the defense. Drifting has also been implemented to protect the QB from defenders and to put you in full control of the offensive success. Receiver specific pump fakes are even an option. By holding down the L button and pressing a receiver button, the QB will fake towards that direction to throw off the defense.


QB features also include the ability to throw on the run or on the scramble. In the spirit of the NFL and real football, faster and hurried releases will tend to be less accurate and with less power, but the ability to complete a pass when pressured simply improves the Madden experience.


Madden 2013 Wii U Defense

The offense in football is always glorified, but it is up to the defense to keep the home team in the game. Madden 13 has drastically improved upon defender animations, removing the jerky interception motions and making the movement more fluid and natural. Gone are the swatted away passes and fast spins, and here is a new system that takes advantage of improved graphics and engines.

The Wii U GamePad makes defensive alignments better than ever before, but players will still notice that Madden is more offensive oriented, just like the NFL. Playing defense can be challenging, especially with the improved offensive capabilities, but that does not take away from the huge improvements EA made for 2013.


Wii U Madden 13 Game Modes

EA included everything from the simple and easy to pick up exhibition mode to the career mode and of course the new Connected Careers mode. Connected Careers allows Wii U players to create or join a league of up to 32 human players. They are then given the ability to create a coach or player from scratch and work together with the other players in the league for a complete NFL experience.


The persona of famous stars and coaches, including Madden himself can be utilized to recreate stars of the past. If the past isn’t your thing, newly created characters can be used as well in the effort to complete the Connected Careers goals. As goals are completed, your player earns experience points when can be used to upgrade skills. EA even gives you the option to retire a player or coach without having to restart your game.


By introducing Connected Careers in addition to the previous popular modes of Madden, EA has expanded upon the franchise.


Madden 2013 Wii U Presentation

Madden on the Nintendo Wii was just that, Madden on the Nintendo Wii. The console had limited graphical capabilities and was not impressive. With the release of the Wii U, it is safe to say that Madden belongs on a Nintendo platform. The visuals both on the television and the GamePad controller was beyond what was expected.


EA Sports focused on improved animations to make Madden 2013 the most realistic NFL experience to date. Whether it was creating new pass animations, new QB dropbacks, improved defensive animations or making game play follow real-life physics, EA did what they had to and did the job right.


The stunning graphics both of in-game play and recorded footage is of high quality. HDR and multi-vector lighting takes realism to a new degree and mirrors actual game day broadcasts. Field degradation is also enhanced to more accurately reflect the actual appearance of NFL fields and their playing surfaces. EA even included dynamic lighting to accurately portray shadows and light rays to coincide with the sun’s position.


Also, be sure to check out the accurately portrayed new Nike uniforms. The players, coaches and announcers are all recognizable and designed in detail to reflect their real-life counterparts.



Madden 2013 Wii U Audio



The Jets may be stifling Tim Tebow, but EA Sports were not. Tebow, along with Vick, Brady, Manning, Newton, Rodgers and other actual QB’s provided their genuine voices and cadences for Madden 2013. In addition to actual voices used in game play, Jim Nantz and Phil Simmons also provided clips to allow for realistic audio commentary and play calling from the broadcast booth. EA included 9,000 unique lines pulled from 82 hours of recorded material. Simply put, the in game voice audio is well thought out and complete.


Other audio bonuses include recorded crowd audio to add a degree of realism as if the crowd was actually there, and a new Madden theme composed by Collin O’Malley.


Madden 2013 Wii U Closing Thoughts


EA Sports gave us a reason to purchase another Madden game. Madden 13 for the Wii U is not just updated rosters and slight graphical improvements, it is the complete football experience. By embracing the Wii U technology and taking advantage of its features, Madden game play is now at an all new level that bests the experience on other consoles. The GamePad game play is unmatched, and when combined with the focus EA gave towards audio and graphics, and the options of new game play modes, Madden 2013 Wii U is a launch day must.


Madden 13 Wii U Scores

Game Play: 8.5/10 (New features and Wii U technology implementation, Wii-mote hampers and defense is overshadowed by offense)
Audio: 9.5/10 (Add some drunk fans and you might believe you are actually in a NFL stadium)
Graphics: 10/10 (Madden finally looks great on the Wii U)



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