Nintendo is Set to Restructure

Posted January 17, 2013 by alfssk in Nintendo News
nintendo restructure

For the first time since 2004, Nintendo is set to restructure parts of is core organization. Seeking more synergy between its two main divisions, the home console and handheld division, the two divisions are set to become one.


Nintendo is coming off of a release of new consoles in both divisions, with the Nintendo 3DS coming out in February of 2011 and the Wii U in December of last year, the full potential of both consoles have not been reached yet and connectivity options have not been explored. The company has a history of linking up its handheld and consoles, starting with the Super Gameboy on the SNES.


While the divisions have remained distinct, this move will combine the two by bringing in the 150 employees from the handheld unit with the 130 on the console side. By combining the resources and increasing communication between the staff and engineers, the company hopes to bring forth new connectivity options and provide a better gaming experience to their consumers.


They are also hoping that this restructuring will assist in the length of time that it takes to release games. As technology has increased, so has the time to release a game.


No definites are known yet on terms of how this will impact products in the short or long run, but they are looking to have the physical move completed by February 16th.

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