Eurocom Celebrates Bond By Shutting Down

Posted December 9, 2012 by alfssk in Nintendo Wii U News

Eurocom, the developer behind the 007 Legends title being released for the Nintendo Wii U and other consoles is shutting down. After compiling together the best of the Bond history, peaking at Skyfall, in one video game disk, the company faced financial issues and can no longer stay in business.


James Bond spent 2012 and the release of 007 Legends celebrating its 50th anniversary, but with one continued life that goes on, it seems another must end.  News that the company was in trouble was not new; it had released 150 staff members just last month, but it had hoped to renegotiate contracts in time to reorganize and stay afloat.


After management and administrators unsuccessfully tried to get new contracts that would allow them to continue developing games, the remaining 42 employees, some of which already had wages owed to them, were laid off and Eurocom’s 25 year history came to an end.


Eurocom had been responsible for the remaking of 007 Goldeneye on the Nintendo Wii and other consoles, Dead Space Extraction and other successful games.  Being in business since 1988, an industry icon is coming to an end.

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