Wii U Does not Improve Graphics of Wii Games

Posted June 11, 2011 by Noah Glaser in Nintendo Wii U News
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Nintendo PR Mark Franklin has stated that the Wii U will not include the ability to improve the graphics and quality of original Wii games. There will be no texturing upgrades or upscaling done.

Many of you may remember that the Playstation 3 did this with PS2 games, with mixed results however.

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    Since the console has been creeovd in other reviews, this one will be a small more in-depth about the controller, and only the controller. I hope it can convince you, because it certainly enhanced my gaming experience. Wow. That’s all I had to say after plugging the Wii in at my home on November 19th. After months of waiting, it is finally here, and for once, this game system really met and possibly exceeded my expectations. Know before continuing that I’m not a Nintendo fanboy, I despised the Gamecube, own a PS2 and will be buying an Xbox 360. Well, after buying this, I don’t know if i will be needing that 360. The largest thing about the Wii is it’s new controller. Instead of the traditional two-handed gamepad with 2-4 buttons and some analog sticks, the Wii’s input system is shaped like a TV remote control. It has a couple of buttons on it, but not nearly as many as the average controller. How can you play complex games with such a simple controller? The answer is motion control. The Wii’s controller has accelerometers inside of it, allowing it to sense when you wave, swing, punch, stab, or shake. It can also interact with a sensor bar placed on top of the television to make a pointer for the TV. For example, to select a menu option, you just point at the option with the remote and click the A button. This makes a whole new gaming experience. It’s like one of those arcade games at the local mall, but it works better, and no more 25 cents per turn! The remote is also very comfortable. For games that would need two analog sticks, such as shooters, there is a connectable perephial with an analog stick and two shoulder buttons, which is called the Nunchuk. In a shooting game, this would handle movement and the remote would handle the aiming. It takes a very small amount of time to get used to, but once you do, it is much more comfortable than the normal controller. You can spread your hands out instead of hunched up, holding your hands together. The Wii Remote is functional, efficient, comfortable, and smart. It is so much better than controllers of the past, and I hope this is a sign of things to come from Nintendo.

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