Wii U Controller

Posted June 8, 2011 by Noah Glaser in Nintendo Wii U News
wii u controller

In case you have not seen the WiiU’s new controller. As mentioned previously this controller features a touch screen of about six inches and the console is able to be played directly on the controller without the need for a television screen.

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    Everyone sells the Wii console for 249.99. It comes with one wiiomte.Guitar Hero III bundle for Wii retails for $ 89.99. You can sometimes find it for a little less on sale, but with demand exceeding the supply at this point, you may have to pay full price.The guitar controller comes with the bundle. The wiiomte plugs into the guitar controller. You won’t need any other hardware.However, I would recommend getting another wiiomte and a couple of nunchucks for play with other games and so that two people can play together.In order for two people to play GH3 together, you probably will want another guitar controller, which hasn’t been marketed individually yet. The release date is set for late January. It is possible to play the game with just the wiiomte, but it is awkward and difficult.

    james braselton

    yes wii has 786 mhz cpu and 88 mb ram 4 mb video ram and 512 mb flash with out a tablet controler wich makes wii u better valu wii u tablet controler just like a ipad

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