Zelda HD Wii U Tech Demo

Posted June 7, 2011 by Noah Glaser in Nintendo Wii U News
zelda hd wiiu

During Nintendo’s conference they displayed what is by far the most beautiful and detailed image we have ever seen of Hyrule and the Legend of Zelda series. And no we are not talking about Skyward Sword. To show the raw power that the Nintendo WiiU is capable of, we were presented with an incredible cinematic of our favorite Hero, Link, fighting against Gohma.

The scene starts off in a citadel like building and is showing off just how great textures and environments can look on the WiiU. Then the camera zooms in and we see iconic Zelda figures letting us all know this is a scene from Zelda. Link then becomes the center of attention as he is attacked by the giant spider, Gohma, as he enters into the temple. An epic onslaught ensues until the cinematic is brought to a close.

Though this game is most likely not the first glimpse of the next Legend of Zelda title, it is a great vision of all the potential that Zelda has on the WiiU.

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