Tank Tank Tank Wii U

Tank Tank Tank, sometimes written as Tank! Tank! Tank!, is an popular arcade game that is making its way to the home market, via the Wii U. Tank Tank Tank, has players controlling a tank to complete a variety of missions by defeating monsters. The original Tank Tank Tank game was released into Japanese arcades in 2009 and Namco has been working on a Wii U version since 2011. The game will feature totally destructive environments and co-op multiplayer.

Tank Tank Tank Features

Tank Tank Tank will feature cartoon-like graphics and is a casual action game. Gamers control a tank through the Wii U Gamepad controller, which can also be used to display mission information, ammo supplies, maps, and more.

Tanks can be equipped with a wide range of weapons ranging from a machine gun, to a flamethrower, and bombs.

The game’s multiplayer features includes up to 4 player online and offline co-op. There is also a competitive multiplaer mode pitting players against one another. A cool feature that has been ported over from the arcades, is the ability to take a picture of yourself to be used as an in-game profile picture.

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