Transformers: Prime – Prime Game for Launch Window

Transformers: Prime Wii U



  • Release Date: November 18th, 2012
  • Rating: E 10+
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Category: Fighting

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Summary: Transformers: Prime is a Nintendo exclusive Transformer’s game that combines the best of the new with the best of the old. The Transformer’s formula is pretty much set. No matter how many reboots or new installments the franchise witnesses, the formula is always the same. Optimus Prime? Check. Megatron? Check. An effort to save humanity? Check. Combat? Check. Transformers: Prime Wii U is the heart and soul of Transformers. Transformers: Prime, takes a page from the television show of the same title, utilizes new technology while keeping the traditional Transformer’s components intact.


Transformers: Prime’s game play is broken down into 5 different modes, each of which feature a different autobot. After kicking off training with Optimus, you take control of the autobot heroes, each with their own unique skill to accomplish the mission and take down the invading Megatron. Each autobot is also given different style of play. Instead of focusing exclusively on combat (there is plenty of it though), the missions include escaping a collapsing cave, vehicle chases, and exploration.


Combat is a heavy focus of the game still, as it should be in a Transformer’s game. Decepticons are at your mercy as you choose for traditional in their face combat or go for the conservative long range attacks. Regardless of which approach you take, building up a large combo is always satisfying as you defeat your enemies in style.


What is refreshing about this title as compared to past Transformer’s titles is the variety in styles and mission types. Gone are the days of button mashing combat and repetitive game play, and introduced is variety. On top of that, the Transformers can actually transform. Exciting stuff!  Transformers: Prime on the Wii U allows for fast transformation between combat ready machines, to vehicles to machines again. This increases fluidity in the game play and allows for faster pace action.


While some of these features have been seen in past games, Nintendo is finally on the receiving end of positive Transformer game play.


Nintendo has sought to expand upon their social play, making multi-player included in Transformers: Prime an added bonus. Death match modes are offered to give players the opportunity to fight each other to destruction.


The only downfall in terms of game play is the short length of play time. Each character is given small play time and once their mission is complete they are pretty much done.


Wii U Exclusive Features: You can play with the Wii Mote or the Wii U Gamepad, with the Gamepad likely being the preferable option for most gamers. The Gamepad offers so much depth and options for developers, but in this instance it was simply used as a tracking and scoring screen. Taking menus away from the television, you can monitor your damage, how much time has elapsed and items collected from the Gamepad. Helpful for sure, but not the best use of the Wii U technology either. Nintendo has given developers different controller schemes to work with however, so not all games will or should have to utilize the Gamepad in innovative or ground breaking ways. It would have been nice to see Transformers: Prime use the technology a bit more, but the game still played nicely regardless.


Transformers: Prime Wii U Presentation and Sound: The game features combat heavy sequences which tend to come along with breath taking visuals to assist in the experience. Unfortunately the game did not take full advantage of the Wii U’s power and seems more like an enhanced version of a Wii Transformer’s game. This will not impede game play in any manner and is not entirely negative, but the game could have pushed technology a bit further.


Closing Thoughts: Transformers: Prime for the Wii U is a solid launch game for the Wii U and will keep players entertained. While it has a lot to keep game play from becoming stale, the game could be longer and could utilize the Wii U’s power and technology better. When all is said and done though, it is worth a play.



Gameplay: 7/10 – Same Transformer’s action, but improved. Could have used technology for enhanced play.

Presentation: 6/10 – Souped up Wii game but did not negatively impact game play

Sound: 7/10 – Transformers being Transformers


Overall Score








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