Wii Fit U

Wii Fit U



wii fit u
  • Release Date: 4th Quarter 2012
  • Rating: E for Everything
  • Publisher:  Nintendo
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Category: Fitness Game

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Summary: Wii Fit took the markets by storm on the Nintendo Wii and was a hot ticket item at the Christmas seasons. Being nearly sold out across the country, the game spawned a sequel and attachment accessories. Combining gaming elements with monitoring and fitness, Wii Fit U will certainly gather attention as a launch window game as Nintendo seeks to correct the launch issues that became associated with the Nintendo 3DS. Included in the game will be yoga and strength training and of course utilize the Wii balance board.


Wii U Exclusive Features: Wii Fit U will utilize not only the Wii accessories, but it will take advantage of the Wii U gamepad tablet controller.  The gamepad will allow players to track their health activities through a television or remotely on the controller’s screen, expanding the range that  gamers can play and get fit. Every copy of Wii Fit U will also come bundled with a Fit Monitor pedometer which keeps track of your information as you are away and transfers it to the console .


Social Play: Wii Fit U will take after the previous installments in the series and allow for your Mii character to represent your likeness throughout your fitness efforts. The game also allows for more than one person’s health efforts to be monitored, allowing for competition or for becoming healthy together.


Presentation: Nintendo has a history of experimenting with peripherals and even monitoring accessories in an effort to combine real life with the video gaming experience. Known for their innovation, Wii Fit impressed and Wii Fit U is likely to follow in its footsteps. While the game’s graphics will be simple due to the concept of being designed for health and not strict game play, the game will impress on its concept alone.





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