Wind Waker HD Coming to Wii U

Posted January 23, 2013 by alfssk in Wii U Games
wind waker wii u

Remember the outrage over the cartoon style graphics that the Wind Waker originally brought? No? It was drowned out by the glowing reviews and some of the best game play on the Gamecube. Well the terrible kid oriented graphics that we all ended up loving is now seeing a HD make over and coming to the Nintendo Wii U.


Keeping this news secrets for months, the game is an unexpected surprise for Zelda fans who have been waiting for the faintest details for a Zelda game on the Wii U. Instead of the typical small announcement and then a year and half waiting period for more Zelda news, it turns out that this one will be hitting the shelves this year in the fall.


Nintendo President stated that this game is also meant as a filler between the next new Zelda adventure which was also announced for the Wii U, but with no set release date.


Some changes are coming to the game as well. While some may be subtle such as enhanced lighting, some game play elements have not been revealed and the game will be playable on both the Gamepad and the television.


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