Chasing Aurora says Wii U online more open, social and indie-friendly

Posted October 1, 2012 by Noah Glaser in Wii U Online
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Things are continuing to look up for Nintendo and their upcoming Wii U console. I know one area that I have been concerned with is their online platform, known as the Nintendo Network. For years Nintendo has struggled to maintain an active online community due to the limits imposed by the friend code system. Competitors, Sony and Microsoft, have also been able to bring in a stronger fan-base because of their indie developer support.

In a recent statement from a Chasing Aurora developer, Martin Pichlmair, a lot of praise was expressed for Nintendo’s new network.

“I can not talk about the new eShop in detail. What I do know is that Nintendo is doing everything to make this console much more open, social and indie-friendly than the Wii ever was. There are people at Nintendo who know where innovative games come from. And if you look at the launch lineup you can clearly see that those people have had a say in it. At the same time, the Wii U with its various controller configurations calls for experimental games of all kinds and Nintendo is always eager to have games make good use of its console’s innovations.”

I for one am really happy to read this. Things are looking up for Nintendo.

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